Representation in Bullying and Harassment Cases

Kids’ bullying can ruin childhoods. Their victims suffer increased anxiety, depression, and decreased achievement in school. In extreme cases, victims of bullying have been known to take their own lives or lash out in violence against their tormentors.

If your child is a victim of bullying, they need help. When the help they receive from you and their school’s administrators does not solve the problem, the attorneys of Jacobson & John LLP, known as The Education Lawyers can make the difference.

After generations of dismissing bullying as a “normal” part of growing up, educators and child development experts today are unified in their acknowledgement of bullying’s destructive effects. In some school districts, however, it can be difficult to enlist the administration’s help in protecting one’s children from bullies, or even to secure their acknowledgement that a bullying situation exists. Our education attorneys can ensure that your and your child’s stories are being heard and acted upon.

Bullying Often Ignored, Underreported

Under Pennsylvania law, all public school districts have been required since 2009 to create and implement anti-bullying policies, but statistics suggest that many of the 501 school districts in the state have done so in name only. In 2013, for example, 195 of the state school districts, representing 28 percent of the state’s student population, unrealistically reported zero incidents of bullying. Only 20 school districts in the state reported bullying incidents that impacted more than one percent of their students, a figure that flies in the face of most other data on the prevalence of kids bullying.

If your school district has been reluctant to provide your child with the support and protection he or she needs, we can help you assess your options. We assist students and their families with:

  • Advocacy and representation in kid bullying-related communications with school district personnel
  • Assessing school district liability in the event of bullying-related injuries to children
  • Criminal and/or civil complaints against bullies and their parents