As we adhere to Governor Wolf’s recent requirement to shut down our physical law office due to the Coronavirus, please know that we at The Education Lawyers are fully able to function remotely with little, if any, interruption to our clients.

Further, with respect to prospective clients, and in an effort to avoid delay in addressing the past or present needs of students, we are offering – in lieu of an in-person intake – to review educational records, and to then conduct a conference (or video) call with parents to discuss their issues and concerns.  At the end of our review and call, we will let you know our thoughts on options available to ensure that your child’s needs are met going forward, and/or to remedy past harm.  For more information, please call or email.

Finally, we are carefully monitoring the situation related to the Coronavirus and its impact on special education students.  Issues may arise regarding the provision of appropriate programming to students with disabilities, especially during any extended school closings.  We will keep you posted on our thoughts as we receive information, however, should you have any questions about this or other issues related to the Coronavirus, feel free to contact us.

Stay safe!

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When you are represented by Jacobson & John, you will be working directly with one of our partners, Hollie or Steve, who each have an extensive history of both great results and satisfied clients.

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